about us


every little girl’s favourite dress’
hi, i’m lauren brant – so nice to meet you! I am the founder and designer of loliboli & this is my little story of how and why I just had to create this brand. 

i performed for children all over the world in the kids show *Hi-5* where i’d see spirited children spilling into the theatre in their favourite clothes – dress ups! CUTE!

the shows were always full of smiles, singing and D.A.N.C.I.N.G. but when I’d look down into the *mosh pit* of children, their clothing would be getting in the way and turning them into hot & bothered little people... i mean, who can be bothered with ‘layers, frills, buttons and tulle’ when there is [serious] dancing to be done?!

well – not me! and I had to do something about it, for our little ‘active mosh pit’ audience all over the world!
for over a decade, my family had manufactured sports wear for professional athletes of many international, Olympic winning teams, so I knew a thing or two about fabrics and manufacturing. this is what I realised [light bulb moment] about children and athletes: they have the same requirements when it comes to being active!

childletes (see what I did there?) run, jump, fall over, dodge, push, pull, collide, spin, react, rest and sweat. for this, they need material and clothing that is functional, durable, breathable, antibacterial, comfortable and non-restricting to be able to play & perform uninhibitedly! BOOM.

so with that realisation and intention, I created loliboli. my first ever order was to design and produce the very bright and bold costumes for the biggest children of all... the cast of Hi-5! many years later, they are still wearing the same costumes; i'm just gonna go ahead and take that as the best kind of testimonial I ever could imagine... high-five to me! 

NOW it’s the most exciting time. with the launch of loliboli – pretty dresses, PERFECT for play – my dresses are now available [in absolutely magical designs] for little girls to wear, all over the world.

loliboli is here to empower little girls who want to express themselves through bright & imaginative designs, who want to wear pretty dresses, who want to play in every which way their heart desires [mission accepted] and TWIRL - our signature move! 

so welcome to the world [and friendship] of loliboli.
we can’t wait to share the fun and become every little girls favourite dress!


p.s: I alllllllllllmost forgot to mention [and this is something you really want to know]: mums, dads or whoever is in charge of the washing... our dresses go straight into the washer & dryer and they don’t fade in colour or shrink [pretty awesome hey?] thought I better add that crucial detail in, as you may find your little girl wants to be able to wear her dress every.single.day [and night]!
‘because childhood is the most magical time’