making unicorn rice for sensory play

By Lauren Brant

making unicorn rice for sensory play

we made unicorn rice because we love filling, spilling, tipping and pouring…and you can too, it's easy!

sensory play with unicorn rice is so much fun and your imagination will run wild. this special rice is what unicorns love to eat, so make sure you gather your unicorn friends round for a morning tea and just follow these 6 easy steps.

1) separate a bag of rice into 4 ziplock bags (we used arborio rice).
2) drip about 2-3 drops of colour into each bag (we made blue, red, yellow & green)
3) leave some air in your bag when you close it and shake the rice around till it has all been covered in the colouring.
4) leave your rice to dry for a few hours.

now's the best part...


5) once your rice has dried, pour it into a tray/shallow dish and make sure to keep the colours separated.
6) when you are ready to play, mix the rice all together to create yummy unicorn rice. it is so magical to watch the colours mix together and feels really cool on your hands. 

well done, your unicorn rice is ready to store for your next play.

ps: we used a magnifying glass at the end to spot out all the colours and our unicorn friend penelope just loved it. 

content created by holly from our imagination station xxx