making 'under the sea' water globes

By Lauren Brant

making 'under the sea' water globes

let's make gorgeous sea life water globes!


this activity allows you to create a magical world under the sea, and watch as it comes to life through the swirling water a sparkles. it's fun, creative and easy.

1) collect some special sea life items from any toy or aquarium store (we found some gorgeous goodies at the discount store) and pick up a glass jar with a lid while you are there.

2) get your parents to help you use the glue gun to stick the special sea items onto the bottom of the jar lid.

3) pour water into your jar and add the magic; a little food colouring and glitters.

4) pop the lid on tight, and turn your jar upside down to watch your 'under the sea' globe come to life.


you're done. hooray! make sure to visit your water globe often and maybe you can even pretend to be a mermaid like our mermaid florence xxx

content provided by holly from our imagination station xxx