making magical garden fairy's

By Lauren Brant

making magical garden fairy's

let's create beautiful garden fairies, come on!

this fun activity includes just 4 simple steps and you don't need to buy anything for it... absolutely perfect for a fun 'at home' activity these school holidays.

1) grab a bucket and go on adventure in the garden to search for flowers and leaves that will become the fairy's clothes (if mummy has older flowers that are about to go in the bin, this is a great way to get on last beautiful use out of them).

2) make sure during your garden adventure, you especially search for two big leaves that will be the magical fairy wings.

3) get a piece of paper and draw a stick figure of your own (or use foam people like we did, they are both equally beautiful).

4) use some glue to stick your lovely flowers and leaves from the garden onto your fairy, designing gorgeous clothes (and don't forget the magical fairy wings).

you're finished. well done! how amazing does your fairy look? fly together through the garden, or hang her/him on your wall.

ps: make sure your give you fairy a name, ours is called maple. x



content provided by holly from our imagination station xxx