let's make bubble wands!

By Lauren Brant

let's make bubble wands!

everyone loves bubbles right?

bubbles are always fun [even for mummies and daddies] because they bring so much joy and excitement to our little ones faces - cute!

the trick is to set your child up with a 'successful bubble blowing activity' - as does it even count if they can't blow their own bubbles?

here is loliboli's fun and easy [free reign] bubble blowing activity for you and your child!

*choose your coloured pipe cleaners
* choose your beads (mummy may want to just set out a certain amount into a small container to keep free of spillage )
* thread your beads onto your pipe cleaner [and remember to make it beautiful and full of colour as you never know what mermaid may want to float away on your magical bubble]
*once your pipe cleaner is filled with love you can shape it into a shape, ready to dip into the soap
*then twist the handle onto a paddle pop stick, or go on a hunt into the magical garden and find a stick from nature

WOW are you ready to blow bubbles from your very own bubble wand

*fill a tray with dish soap and a tiny bit of water and dip away


written by holly from our imagination station x